Terms of Service


  1. WebDesignerMumbai but will not be liable for any loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by circumstances beyond the direct control of WebDesignerMumbai (Such as Web Hosting issue, Internet Connectivity and many more)
  2. From time to time parts of the WebDesignerMumbai network may be taken off-line for repair or routine maintenance. WebDesignerMumbai will endeavour to give as much notice as possible but will not be held liable for any unscheduled downfall in the Network due to extraneous conditions including but not limited to Act of God, inclement weather, act of telephone or Governmental organisations or power failure.
  3. The contract period shall be for the whole term of fees paid by the Customer from the date of registration of domain name until the date of expiry of the domain name, usually one year from the date of ordering a product or work commencing and / or domain being registered unless otherwise agreed by WebDesignerMumbai.

Payments, Refunds and Renewals

  1. 100% Advance payment is required before we deliver the work. If we failed to deliver the work in described time you may ask for refund.
  2. All fees paid are non-refundable and once registered, domain names cannot be changed in their name or extension without the paying cost for new domain name.
  3. WebDesignerMumbai reserve a full rights to suspend or terminate the Service immediately on any default of payment by the Customer.
  4. Yearly renewal date of the product or package between you and WebDesignerMumbai is priced at Indian Rs. 3000/-  which includes domain name renewal, Web Hosting Renewal and maintenance changes for the website.



  1. The Customer shall acknowledge that he / she will only use the Service for lawful purposes. The Customer shall not use the Service to receive or transmit material which is in violation of any law or regulation, which is obscene, threatening, menacing, offensive, and defamatory, in breach of confidence, in breach of any intellectual property (including any trade mark or Copyright). This extends to violations due to any spamming and or bulk email activity for which WebDesignerMumbai cannot held responsible.
  2. The Customer shall take reasonable precaution to prevent the reception and transmission of viruses to WebDesignerMumbai and beyond and shall not attempt any intentional and malicious damage to the WebDesignerMumbai Network or use the Service to affect other computers.
  3. It is the Customer's responsibility to keep all user names and passwords secure and not let third parties knowledge or access to them or to store them on any computer in plain text or in a format that is easily accessible.
  4. The Customer acknowledges that WebDesignerMumbai cannot exercise control over the content of information passed across the Internet and via the Service.


  1. WebDesignerMumbai does not provide any source code of dynamic functionalities. You must host your website with us to use them.
  2. In the event of transferring the services from WebDesignerMumbai to other we can only transfer domain name, your data on the server and Static version of your website (We charge 7000/- as a transfer charge)
  3. Domain transfer requests - provided all details are correct and procedures followed by the customer - should be carried out by WebDesignerMumbaiwithin 72 hours of receiving the customer's email assuming also all outstanding invoices / balances have been settled by the customer with WebDesignerMumbai.


    WebDesignerMumbai will register a domain on behalf of an individual and / or company on a per domain basis and the individual or company is granted exclusive use of this domain so long as all fees are paid and the balance of any accounts are kept up to date.
  2. By registering a name you agree to keep WebDesignerMumbai and its associated companies and its Directors fully and effectively indemnified at all times against action brought about by any person, persons or company against you in using the name. You will assume liability and costs for any such action and release WebDesignerMumbai and its associated companies should any such situation arise.
  3. Any registered domain can be used for any legal, decent and honest use on the Internet and must not breach any Indian laws. The name cannot be used for any immoral or pornographic use. The registrant agrees to have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the appropriate domain registry before ordering a domain name for registration by WebDesignerMumbai.
  4. WebDesignerMumbai shall not be liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including loss of income, data, or information in any event by use of the Service.
  5. WebDesignerMumbai reserves the right not to register or assign any domain name for whatever reason.
  6. WebDesignerMumbai reserves the right to delete or suspend any domain name if payments have been defaulted upon and may at its discretion levy admin charges in re-establishing any domain or service thereof.
  7. WebDesignerMumbai reserves the right to vary the rate charged for domain name registrations and renewals and / or modify the services offered providing at least 15 days notice via its website of any cost or service changes.