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Term of Agreement

Your acceptance to the terms takes affect from the date you click the 'I AGREE' button. You will also be provided with a sign up form which will confirm your acceptance to the terms mentioned on this website.

Right To Use

WebDesignerMumbai owns the sole rights to this website and all material published here belongs to WebDesignerMumbai and is copyrighted under the Indian law. Users are allowed to view or download information solely for personal use. No material on this website may be republished, copied, modified or posted to other websites for any purpose. Doing so will violate the copyright act.

Changes To Your Website

WebDesignerMumbai will provide users with their individual gateways that is password protected. This permits you to access and modify your website whenever required. The password and other information may be changed at your discretion. It is essential for users to comply with the terms mentioned by WebDesignerMumbai in order to be able to access and modify their website. 

Price and Payment

Please Note: WebDesignerMumbai charges a separate fee for the services provided by the company and to host your website. You need to purchase hosting either from a third party or from WebDesignerMumbai in order for your website to go live. The hosting plan you select determines how long your website will remain active on the internet. Choosing a hosting plan is the sole responsibility of the user. The fee for designing and developing your website is to be paid to WebDesignerMumbai and the mode of payment will be decided by the user and WebDesignerMumbai before the project commences.

Limitations of Warranties and Liability

All images, graphics and other content provided by WebDesignerMumbai for your website is your property and you reserve the right to use it on your website. Selling these images to other websites however could infringe the Copyright act. Sharing your personal website details with third parties will not be tolerated and WebDesignerMumbai will not be held responsible for such acts.

Adding copyrighted content to your website will violate the warranty and your website could be terminated for such practice.

Right to Monitor and Remove Unacceptable Sites

WebDesignerMumbai reserves the right to monitor each website a user uploads. Users that fail to comply with the terms mentioned here might lose their websites and the services will be terminated. Use of the website for unlawful advertisement or sale of firearms, tobacco products, alcohol, and adult audience products is prohibited. Sharing personal information of any person without their consent is against the law and practicing any of the above mentioned acts will result in immediate termination of the website.


The users are solely responsible for any content or activity that occurs on their website. WebDesignerMumbai shall in no way be held responsible for any liabilities, losses, damages, costs, and expenses including any law fees that are associated with the user’s website. If any user fails to comply with the terms their account will be terminated.



Any trademark or copyright that WebDesignerMumbai owns is solely the property of WebDesignerMumbai unless the user and WebDesignerMumbai have an agreement.

Limitation of Liability

In no event whatsoever will WebDesignerMumbai be held responsible for any content or material posted by a user or any third party on their website. 


WebDesignerMumbai reserves the right to change or modify the content on this page without prior notice. Users are expected to keep reading the policy to stay updated with the latest terms.


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